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Protecting You Against Damaging Drug Crime Charges

Drug crimes are among the most common criminal charges in both Iowa and Illinois. Even possessing a small amount of an illegal substance can result in prison time and expensive fines. If you face a criminal charge for a drug-related crime, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to help protect you.

The Law Offices of Amanda T. Adams PLLC has offices in Johnston, Iowa, and Crystal Lake, Illinois, enabling Ms. Adams to defend clients in both states against drug crime charges. With over 15 years of experience, Ms. Adams worked for a big law firm in the Des Moines area before starting her own practice. She brings big-firm experience to you, providing exceptional legal representation close to home.

Iowa And Illinois Take Drug Crimes Seriously

Drug crimes encompass numerous offenses involving the sale, purchase, possession or trafficking of illegal substances or improper use and sale of prescription drugs. The severity of the charges often depends on the type of drug possessed, manufactured or sold. For example, heroin possession in Illinois is a Class 1 felony and carries a punishment of four to 15 years in prison for 15 to 99 grams.

Ms. Adams can help you with a variety of drug charges, including:

  • Possession
  • Sale
  • Drug trafficking
  • Intent to distribute

Iowa divides drug possession charges into two categories under the Iowa Controlled Substances Act. Substances such as heroin, meth and LSD are subject to actual possession or constructive possession charges depending on the circumstances. Prosecutors can charge someone with constructive possession if law enforcement discovers drugs in a location where the suspect had complete control. For example, prosecutors can argue that drugs found in the trunk of a vehicle, glove compartment or dresser drawer could only have been placed there by the suspect.

The possession of marijuana is illegal in Iowa, and distribution, trafficking and cultivation carry harsh penalties. For example, a conviction of possession with the intent to distribute marijuana may lead to 25 years in jail, depending on the amount possessed.

Fighting Your Charges To Protect Your Future

Drug charges carry serious penalties, but you can fight them. Attorney Amanda Adams will stand by your side and fight to protect your rights and freedom. Contact the Law Offices of Amanda T. Adams PLLC, using the online form or by calling 515-639-3168 to schedule a free consultation.