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Amanda T. Adams

The Criminal Defense Representation You Deserve

A criminal conviction can permanently alter your life. Aside from legal penalties, you also face damage to your reputation and a threat to your livelihood. You need an experienced legal advocate by your side to defend you and protect your rights.

Attorney Amanda Adams spent over a decade working for large firms in the Des Moines metro area, representing clients in various criminal matters. When you work with the Law Offices of Amanda T. Adams PLLC, you get big-city firm experience close to home. With offices in Johnson, Iowa, and Crystal Lake, Illinois, she defends clients in both states against criminal charges.

Comprehensive Criminal Defense Representation

Even if your charge is your first for a criminal offense, it can significantly impact your life. Certain convictions can prevent you from holding specific jobs and licenses or obtaining housing and can result in losing your freedom.

Ms. Adams can defend you against a variety of criminal charges, including:

Ms. Adams can also defend college students against various offenses, including disorderly conduct and shoplifting. She understands a criminal charge and conviction’s impact on a student’s life. She works to prevent devastating and life-altering penalties.

At the Law Offices of Amanda T. Adams PLLC, you will always receive the personal care and attention you deserve. Ms. Adams understands how overwhelming the legal process can be and works to ensure her clients have a clear understanding of every step in their case. When you have a question, she responds promptly and has after-hours appointments available upon request.

Criminal Defense FAQs

At the Law Offices of Amanda T. Adams PLLC, Ms. Adams will answer as many of your questions as possible about your criminal defense case. Here are some answers to questions you may already have:

What happens after I’m charged with a crime in Iowa?

After an arrest, you will usually be taken into custody and go through “booking.” Your personal information, fingerprints and “mug shot” will be collected. Following booking, you’ll be scheduled for an arraignment, where you will be formally charged and enter a plea. That’s also when you will likely be given bail or released on your own recognizance, if applicable.

What’s the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor?

Misdemeanors are typically considered less serious crimes than felonies. The consequences of conviction reflect this fact, with felonies often leading to lengthy prison sentences.

Do police have the right to search my home and/or vehicle?

Under the Fourth Amendment, the police do not have the right to unreasonably search a home and/or vehicle. For a lawful search, the police must have one of the following:

  • Permission from the owner
  • Warrant
  • Lawful arrest
  • Object in plain view
  • Risk of harm

If the police unreasonably search a home or vehicle and violate your rights, then the evidence collected could be excluded from a criminal defense trial.

What are my rights when I’m arrested in Iowa?

If you are arrested in Iowa, you should be read your Miranda rights. Your Miranda rights grant you constitutional protections, including:

  • Your right to remain silent.
  • Your right to an attorney.
  • Your right to an appointed attorney if you cannot afford one.

However, it is important to remember that you must invoke your right to remain silent and seek an attorney. Otherwise, what you say could be used against you in a court of law.

Should I accept a plea bargain or not?

A plea bargain may seem like the easiest way to settle a criminal charge, but the long-term consequences can be unexpected. Ms. Adams believes you should discuss your case with a criminal defense attorney first before accepting a plea bargain.

Protecting Your Rights And Your Freedom

Don’t face a criminal charge alone. Attorney Amanda Adams can provide a strong defense protecting your rights and advocating for your best interests. Contact the Law Offices of Amanda T. Adams PLLC, by calling 515-639-3168 or completing an online contact form to schedule a free consultation.